AFF Instructor Pre-Course @ Skydive Spain, Sevilla [de 6 a 7 de agosto]

AFF Instructor Pre-Course

6 - 7
de agosto
08:00 - 16:00

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Skydive Spain
Aeródromo la Juliana. Carretera A474, 41110 Bollullos de la Mitación, Spain
Are you looking at getting your AFF Instructor Rating any time soon? Come and prepare yourself properly with our AFF Pre-Course which is designed to practice the skydiving portions of the AFF Certification Course.
We will guide you through the air skills required to pass the AFF IRC. Many scenarios that you will encounter on the AFF IRC will be practiced, such as different exits, spin stops, turnover techniques and appropriate hand signals. Besides the practical part the course offers also lectures covering subjects such as format of courses, specimen lessons, briefings/debriefings etc. There is no minimum or maximum jumps required, each participant sets his own goals according to his experience and the training needs. For more info, contact the office via email: [email protected]
The course needs pre-registration (registration form plus deposit) about four weeks prior to the course start.
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