Canopy Course with Cedric Veiga Rios @ Skydive Spain, Bollullos de la Mitación [de 26 a 27 de mayo]

Canopy Course with Cedric Veiga Rios

26 - 27
de mayo
09:00 - 18:00

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Skydive Spain
Aerodromo La Juliana, Ctra. A474, 41110 Bollullos de la Mitación, Spain

Our Active Piloting canopy course teaches you to be a pilot, not a passenger. Experience every control input your canopy has to offer, and learn to fly where you want to go in a range of wind conditions. Try out precision turns and start playing with front risers up high to fully understand the speed your wing is capable of. Gain the tools to deal with difficult situations. We’ll even have you trying out some crosswind landings! Learn how to use your body position to control the canopy and keep you safer at the same time. Improve your flying more than you thought possible. You will leave a more capable and much more assertive canopy pilot. Fly with newfound confidence.

• For pilots who want to:
• Become a pilot, not a passenger
• Deal with different wind conditions
• Fly their canopy where they want to go
• Learn precise and accurate inputs
• Experiment with front risers up high
• Learn to use harness inputs
• Utilize their body position
• Know how to prevent a low turn
• Practice half-braked approaches
• Land crosswind safely
• Fly with confidence

COACH: Cedric Veiga Rios
PRICE: 2 day course, 8 jumps included — 383,60€
(non-refundable 75 € deposit to book)
Combined The Canopy School 1.1 and 1.2 Courses
PREREQUISITE: Completed AFF and consolidation jumps

Dates 2018
27-28 october
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